Software Licensing System + WordPress Autoupdater For Premium Plugins and Themes

You have worked hard, spent time and money developing your software, and now it is time to protect your software from

  • Digital Thieves who find your download link and want to use your product without purchasing
  • Evil Doers who illegally upload your software to sharing sites
  • Refunders who buy your product and then refund within your guarantee period, but then they do not delete but continue to use.

License Guard Soft provides a complete software licensing system, with key generation, email delivery, activation, and checking system for WordPress and Non-Wordpress softwares and secures your digital softwares.

Whether you are selling WordPress plugins, themes, or any other kind of software, including video games and desktop applications, License Guard Soft will become a huge asset for you that also helps to take your business to the next level by protecting and securing your digital software’s.

Add Automatic Upgrades to Your WordPress Premium Products



This add-on provides automatic upgrades for WordPress plugins and themes to valid license key holders. Not only will this feature make your life as a distributor of products easier, but it will also thrill your customers by allowing them to upgrade their themes and plugins to the latest version with only one click.


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